our team.

Embedded in a culture of innovation, collaboration and intellectual curiosity, this super talented team is keen to define new boundaries and support you in achieving your goals, helping you overcome any obstacles you may have within design, construction, and technology.

Jose Oliveira DiRoots Founder
Jose Oliveira
Joao Teixeira DiRoots Marketing Manager
Joao Teixeira
Ibrahim Saad Software Developer
Ibrahim Saad
Noushad BIM Coordinator
Noushad Khan
Mohamed Salah Software Developer DiRoots
Mohamed Salah
Marko Koljancic Digital Technology Manager
Marko Koljancic
Dennis Software Developer
Dennis Phuc
Vidya Zende Software Developer
Vidya Zende
Sanjeev Kumar BIM Modeler
Sanjeev Kumar
Mohamed Tarek DiRoots Software Developer
Mohamed Tarek
Tushar Pangaria Digital Technology Lead
Tushar Pangaria
Heba DiRoots Software Developer
Heba Abdellatif
Eduardo Almeida DiRoots Team Member
Eduardo Almeida
Gopi Software Developer
Gopinath Rajendran
Amir Emil Software Developer
Amir Emil
Bhavna Joshi AI Researcher
Bhavna Joshi
Deblina Sarkar DiRoots Software Developer
Deblina Sarkar

external advisers.

Rui Gavina DiRoots Adviser
Rui Gavina
Fabio Sato DiRoots Adviser
Fabio Sato
Andre Malheiro BIM Consultant
Andre Malheiro