A free Revit plugin to help you managing the Revit families.

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Version 2 – What’s new?

– System families added
– Overall performance improvements
– Minor bugs fixed
– Conflicts with other plugins fixed

Export/save in an organised way the Revit families from a project to a specific folder/subfolder.

No more Revit families backup files in your system/project library.

Add prefix and/or suffix to a family name or type name.

Find and replace family name or type name.

Custom solutions

Every organization has its special needs and requirements right? Good news!

We’re here to fulfill that gap.

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Installation instructions:

1) Download the version as per your Revit version


2) Simply run the FamilyReviser installer (no need to uninstall previous versions) and make sure you have admin permissions or ask the IT for support.


3) Make sure you have an internet connection.