our approach.
DiRoots tailors extensive knowledge of BIM processes and digital solutions to your unique requirements.
Our team consists of innate problem-solvers who are dedicated to ensuring our clients’ needs are their priority.
our inspiration.
DiRoots grew from a desire to find innovative solutions to contemporary problems. We pride ourselves in disrupting conventional approaches and methods whilst remaining deeply rooted in classical knowledge.
With an international team, DiRoots is able to support the global marketplace.
Flexibility is our middle name. Location is not important to us – your needs are! Our team can work from anywhere and will adapt to your needs either joining you on-site or connecting with you remotely.
We’ll consider what works most effectively and focus on the best and most appropriate solution for you.
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from scratch to the finish line.
DiRoots delivers solutions for the AEC industry, owners/developers and manufacturers.
Every single project is a unique challenge to DiRoots. We will analyse your situation from every possible angle and recommend the most appropriate approach.
DiRoots offers support in the following areas:
DiRoots content creation
content creation.
Supporting the manufacturing industry from inception to the generation of new digital products to fulfil the market’s needs.
Assisting the AECO industry on the adoption and the fortification of new processes and workflows of the digitalisation model.
Request a custom software solution
software development.
Shaping the creative and ingenious digital tools to support the requirements of real people and projects for today and tomorrow.
custom scripts.
Creating customised Dynamo and Grasshopper scripts to automate your worflows.
proof of concepts (PoCs).

Creating amazing proof of concepts (PoCs) so you can validate your ideas before moving forward.
Delivering the best free Dynamo Courses (from basic to advanced) to the AEC and Manufacturer industries.
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