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SheetLink Release 4 is here | Revit Plugin |

What is SheetLink?

SheetLink is a free Data Management Autodesk Revit plugin developed by DiRoots that allows you to synchronize the model data back and forth between Autodesk Revit and spreadsheets.

revit to excel
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a plugin to speed up your workflow

Probably one of the fastest data transfer plugins on the market. It takes one second to export one hundred (100) Revit Families.

with amazing new features

  • ‘Space’ Category added
  • ‘GUID/Unique ID’ parameter added
  • Export Revit data by ‘Type ID’ (not only by ‘Element ID’)
  • Customizable save path for templates and exported spreadsheets
  • ‘Preview’ function now alows to edit and publish with the model directly
  • Report of imported data

and that isn’t all…

Be sure this is just the beginning of as more new features will be implemented in the following months to make SheetLink the best and advanced Revit plugin for data management – a key tool for the BIM process.

We’re about to launch new revit plugins

| Stay tuned |

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