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New Revit plugins for 2019

We wish you all a happy and successful 2019!

What’s coming?

This year we’ll launch exciting improvements and new free Revit plugins.

Revit plugins list

(1) SheetLink – Plugin Update – Week 02.2019
More features and capabilities will be added. As an example, it will be possible to read data from linked models and also use the multi-category schedules.

(2) FamilyReviser – Plugin Update – Week 02.2019
Integration of System Families (e.g., walls, pipes, etc.) and an option to automatically delete the backup families instead of moving to a new folder.

(3) OneFilter – New Plugin – Week 02.2019
A new plugin to easily find specific objects within the Revit models.

(4) ReOrdering – New Plugin – Week 03.2019
A smart plugin to dynamically add a automatic numbering to objects.

(5) ProSheets – New Plugin – February 2019
A new plugin that will help any Revit user to quickly export the drawings sheets (or other type of views) as a PDFs/DWG/DWF from the model.

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