Free Revit Add-ins

Free Revit Add-ins | Will always be Free?

Free Revit Add-ins

Will DiRoots Free Revit Add-ins always be Free?

We have been often questioned if our Free Revit Add-ins will start to be paid. Especially now, after this terrible crisis that is affecting many businesses and they are looking to cut down unnecessary expenses.


We have invested thousands of hours into our development (and support) to make SheetLink, FamilyReviser, OneFilter, ProSheets, TableGen, and SheetGen.

If you like our apps and would like to support us with a small financial contribution, you can do it using the form below. 👇

A big thank you. Without you, this disruptive journey would not be possible.

Support the development of DiRoots free apps.

We put a lot of effort into the development of our apps.

If you love our add-ins, share a bit of your appreciation with us.

Haven’t you tried any of the Plugins yet?

Improve or automate your workflows by using our apps for Revit.

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Custom solutions

Every organization has its special needs and requirements right? Good news!

We’re here to fulfill that gap.

Contact our team for custom plugin development today.

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